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Support Group

Our main resource for user support and interaction is our group, where you can post or search questions regarding product installation, operation or tuning specific. This is our NEW (as of Jan 2020) primary support resource.

Our original TwEECer Yahoo Group still has all of the posts covering 2001-2019 and is still active, but I will be disabling any new subscribers to the group as I am focused on the new support group.

In order to keep spammers at bay, we require approval for each subscription, so please include comments specific to the groups purpose & product, when subscribing. Support Group (Preferred)

If you purchased your TwEECer directly from STKR, then we are your first point of support and can be contacted via email or phone at 832-464-4110. 

If you purchased through one of our Authorized Dealers, they will be your first point of support and should be contacted with any issues you may have regarding the hardware, etc..

TwEECer owners who purchased their TwEECer used, should use the TwEECer Yahoo group as their source of support.  There is no direct support for used TwEECer owners.  Tuning services purchased will provide you support for the TUNING PROCESS ONLY.


TwEECer Software (CalEdit/Calcon)

CalEdit Features


  TwEECer Driver & Software Install

Windows 7 & 8 64bit users need to follow some additional steps to get the TwEECer USB driver installed.

Windows 8 64bit Driver Signature Verification disabling.  Method for Windows 8 differs slightly from Windows 8.1


  TwEECer Tuning

Base Calibration Setup Part 1


Base Calibration Setup Part 2

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