STKR Base Chip & Flip Chip Modules

Our chip modules are manufactured using the same design form of the TwEECer units, but the firmware and components have been limited in functionality.  This allows for these units to be upgraded to full TwEECer products, if you decide you want to take over the tuning of your combo.

Two Calibration Flip Chip with switch
Our Flip Chip option will get you two programs on one module.  These tunes are setup for the parts that make up YOUR specific combo.  You can switch between the tunes anytime, even while the engine is running.  This is a great choice for Naturally Aspirated combos that also have a NOS kit installed.  Or you can opt for the 2nd tune to be setup for race fuel, etc...

One Calibration Flip Chip without switch option

You can order the Flip Chip with a single custom tune for your setup and no switch option. This will save you a little cash over the dual tune Flip Chip, but still have your combo running at optimum performance!

Base Chip We recommend this option for those who are only in need of having the simplest of adjustments made to the calibration.  Things like Injector Firing order, EGR, Smog and Canister purge disabling.  PATS can be disabled for you.  Basically anything that does not require actual tuning adjustments of the calibration.

Additional Tuning requires returning the module to STKR to update and re-tune

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